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All About Me!

George Torres Senior was born in New Jersey. Learned how to do photography on his own. He has photographed models, weddings, newborns, concepts photography and also worked on some personal art photography projects. “Editing photos on the computers is by far my favorite past time.” He knows what he like best! Creating photographs and post production... “I am a High School Fashion Photographer with a NYC mindset that is focused on a style of photographing at a fast pace with high energy. With the results of still images that have a sense of a short films that are produced and directed.” In addition to his creative pursuits, George has many interests. He is widely sought after as a teacher. His photography experience and education has made him widely sought after by new emerging photographers. He takes on part time interns for year before they jump out the tree to fly. George tells his students. “When I learn anything in photography, or need advice, I consult with my photography community. If not for myextended community, it would have been hard for me to proceed with this life in photography. Give back.” 

George loves being behind the camera while photographing someone who will be invested in the photo project. “I want to work with people who want something different to skip the cliché looks.” Photography requires input from all parties involved. A client’s vision has a stake on how George brings ideas to life. His slogan is 

“Bringing Your Vision to Life” 
“I just want to share my heart with you through photography!”
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